Who is dulce maria dating 2016

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Who is dulce maria dating 2016

I do love the drama tho, apologise if someone hurt by my comment.. Can't take my eyes off the prince, he is so charming,handsome and masculine.This love drama makes my heart very happy, so terribly sad and grateful with the different episodes I've seen. The love depicted in the story is unconditional and eternal. When i heard that this drama will be watched in the abs-cbn, i was not very interested, but when i saw a copy or rather a cd of it, i told myself let see if it will convince me. First episode, i was really amazed of the story even if i dont know what is the story about.

Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo-Gum). But because it mainly tells us about the love story, the main problem isn't that huge. I just started to watch this drama because the rating is really great, this one who beat scarlet heart rating airing that time, but this drama really really disappointing, the story just so flat and weak, the king falls for a girls, and blah blah blah. not only park bo gum made his acting believable but all of the actors..So I'm really, deeply, and "sincerely" hoping that someday, they will decide to make a season two of this, or maybe a drama wherein Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are still in the leading roles. Tho the film kinda reminded me of the moon embraces the sun (which I love so much), it was well produced and interesting This drama is so great. More than them I actually shipped her and Yoon sung sooo much! I really loved her with both of them and I felt sorry for her at the end, she was so nice not like those 2nd lead bitches. I became a fan of Kim You-Jung as well because she did excellent job portraying Raon. But still, it's a sageuk and everyone expecting some intense battle and emotional scenes and this drama bring that to everyone. And an amazing writing will not be make it without an on-point directing and acting. Idk maybe historical dramas are all made up of the same things? Couldn't stop watching and was so disappointed when it ended.And of course, don't forget my Yoon Sung (Jin Young) and Guard Kim (Dong Yeon) ? She could have told her father to get rid of raon but she gave up her love coz of them. I love how she disguised herself as a boy in the beginning in order to become a Eunch, a lot of those scenes early in the series literally had me laughing to the verge of tears lol. This drama get both the bright, cheesy, and intense scenes. This drama can make you have tears rolling down your cheeks, but can also make you laugh till your stomach hurts.I really can't move on in this kdrama so please give us season 2.-love from the philippines I love this watch it several times already.actor and actress are very the song also even if i don't understand it because its korean.

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Especially when I thought that Byeong Yon will die. I also cried the moment Yoon sung died, it was a really heart-breaking scene.

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