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Updating mutiple links in excel

Excel Paste Special works well with values, and you can also use it to paste and modify formulas.In the worksheet shown below, the formulas in row 6 calculate an adjusted rate.Shared workbooks can be saved on your local network and accessed from Excel on the desktop, or they can be stored on Microsoft's Sky Drive, where users can edit in the Excel Web app. Open the workbook and make any final changes to the design and structure of the workbook so that it's ready for use.Once you share the document, you won't be able to add or change many features such as tables, drawings, cell merging, data validation and hyperlinks. Save the workbook to a shared location on the network or on Microsoft's Sky Drive.When you open the shared workbook you can edit it just like normal.

Alternatively, click "Get a Sharing Link," then click "Create a Link" next to "Edit Link" to display a URL. Click on the link in the email or enter the URL into a browser to open the workbook in the Excel Web app.

The app will not allow you to edit a workbook, however, if it is open in a desktop version of Excel.

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When you store critical business information in an Excel worksheet, you may at times need to allow more than one person to edit the data simultaneously.

Excel normally doesn't allow multiple users to edit the same workbook, but you can get around this restriction using a shared workbook.

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