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You don’t run your own leather jacket brand without learning a few surprising things.

There are fewer factories in the United States than there were 20 years ago, and even fewer of those specialize in leather.

This style is generally favored by higher-end avant garde labels, like Rick Owens, Carol Christian Poell and Julius.

Similar to the A2 bomber, the MA1 is originally a military design, and is originally made in nylon. Some distinct features to separate it from the A2: Ribbed collar and slit pockets instead of the two front flap pockets, and a zipper pocket on the left sleeve.

This is one of the most popular casual jacket styles for men, and is often adopted in leather, though more sleeker than the puffy military version of the jacket.

Just like a suit, there’s something transformative about putting on a properly fitted leather jacket.

There’s no other way to describe it: You feel like a badass.

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Barron has invited me to help you become a leather expert so you can pick the perfect leather jacket for you.

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