The vampire diaries 6x2 online dating

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Elena dreams about the time she and Stefan went on their post-vampire hike, but this time she says good-bye.

Caroline and Stefan visit Elena in her hospital bed.

Stefan gets fed up with Lily searching for her friends, whom she insists on calling 'her family'.

He says if she doesn't come with him, she's out of his life.

Elena walks up behind him, comforts him, and tells him to keep on fighting.

- Back in reality, Damon calls Bonnie to tell her Jo is dead and Elena won't wake up.

As long as Bonnie lives, Elena will stay asleep, and that he'll made sure, as a result, if anyone attempts to find a loophole or try to undo the spell, it will lead to both of their deaths.

Back in the Salvatore House, on the video, Kai explains that he had linked Bonnie's life to Elena's.

While this is going on, at the hospital, Damon gets a text : "Ty werewolf, Kai vampire".

Then Kai shows up with the werewolf bite in his neck.

She takes no notice of him and responds that she won't leave them again.

Then she confesses the really bad news, that Kai had offered her a deal, in order for him to bring back her family, she was to feed him some of her blood.

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Tyler has a giant piece of glass in his stomach and Liv, along with the rest of her coven, is dying after Kai's inflicted suicide/murder. She notices it's a full moon and doesn't want him to die.

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