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Swimming pool camera sex

Under the ‘Hazard description’ which read ‘Inadequate supervision of pool – lifeguard distraction caused by infant feeding’, the report asserted that breastfeeding ‘may cause distraction to the lifeguards, who may experience fascination, embarrassment and feelings of being uncomfortable’.

It added that ‘this may result in incomplete scanning of their zone’, with a resultant risk rating ‘almost certain’ to result in ‘fatality or disabling injury’.

He was joined on the edge of the pool by sometime ‘wingman’ Skippy.Swimming pool scenes are surprisingly common in movies.Or maybe it’s not that surprising, given that Hollywood is, after all, in California, where chlorinated water looks impossibly blue and shimmery in the sunshine.After all, in Jungian psychology, water is a potent symbol for the unconscious, so having a character plunge into a pool is kind of like dropping them into an external representation of their own minds.Or maybe they’re just there as an excuse to have cast members strip down to revealing costumes.

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