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John Lynch, who was her boss for years, saw, better than most, her complications.

Even in a murder trial that is part melodrama, part circus, part tragedy and all spectacle, Marcia Clark is an aberration -- so hard to type, so vexingly original.As a female prosecutor and mother, a lot of people, maybe they don't want that burden. The men who have observed Clark -- bosses, colleagues and opponents -- have widely varied views.But Marcia loved the obstacles, loved the obstacles." One woman who faced her, defense attorney Madelynn Kopple, found her "thorough, very thorough." But she found herself under the Clark steamroller once during a trial when Kopple couldn't keep back tears during emotional testimony about her client. Sterling Norris, a generation older, mostly her boss and briefly her employee, found her "enthusiastic" but inexperienced.And last week, she played an anguished Fury, threatening to capsize America's Trial if the judge didn't remove himself, only to retreat and agree to a compromise that allowed it to lurch forward.If Warhol were still here, she'd be silk-screened -- Jackie and Marilyn's odd little sister.

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Maybe all that can be safely said is this: Marcia Clark, 41, is a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, the leader of the prosecution team in People v. Her father is a sabra -- born and raised in Israel. There was a joke that he could trace his ancestors back to King David.

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