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In essence, he gives female (and only female) users a ride - and asks out those he finds attractive.[A quick backgrounder: Grab Hitch - unlike Grab Car, Uber X or Uber POOL - is not an on-demand commercial service.When the Sublime Business Geniuses in Silicon Valley set themselves to solving a problem, the end result is, after much tinkering and testing, an obvious solution that already existed.It could be reverse engineering the concept of public transport, accidentally inventing a vending machine, or, as in the case of Hinge Matchmaker, devolving all the way back to the original dating game: being set up by your nosy-ass friends and family..on your phone! The thing is, when you gamify the dating experience, it starts looking like a lot of fun to people who never get to play themselves.That is, the private car drivers on the platform provide rides only at their convenience (usually when they are leaving from or headed to the same location as their riders, at about the same time), but still get paid.Moreover, when a rider requests a Grab Hitch ride, the driver is able to see the rider's name and profile photo - and even mutual friends they may have on Facebook if they've both linked their accounts to the social networking site.What they can do is get out there, trial it with diverse users, and request feedback.

He says the best things about the service are being able to skip all the virtual get-to-know-you, the chance to meet new girls right away, and getting to interact with them in person to determine if there's chemistry. He adds: "The girl has the right to remain in touch, or not.Something like: The overarching concept of matchmaking is as old as society itself, where parents, religious leaders, or other respected members of a group either nudge two potential partners along the path of courtship, or in more restrictive societies, arrange them explicitly.That's because old married people really don’t have much else exciting going in their lives.We are discussing his love life, and the girls he's seeing.He says they are nice to spend time with, but he just hasn't met The One, and it's taking him a lot of time.

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