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Lawford is a large village and civil parish in the Tendring district of northeast Essex, England.

Because he was so little he was jammed in beside eleven-year-old Ruth, his eldest sister. try to kiss the stars.” The wheel spun ever faster and Daniel loved the speed, the height, the newness of it all.He saw the wrecked and green-painted prow, the head of a warrior, deeply impaled in the bowels of a fat Gypsy lady.He saw that his mother and Naomi had landed, tightly embracing, on the Gypsy’s table.They saw the zoo and a pantomime, gazed at the sleaze of Gas Town and sang with gusto on the Sunday, for Mother and Father were keen Presbyterians, he with his Dutch Reform Church upbringing and she with a background of Wyoming and pioneer stock.Clowns, elephants that could count, a giraffe, bears in kilts, dwarves, a sasquatch monster from the forests of the Rocky Mountain Trench, black fuzzy men, balloon shoots for prizes, and coconuts from the South Pacific propped on posts.

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Then a whistle blew, the Chinaman waved a flag and two gates of steel clanged shut below them. But he felt only more aware, more able to observe and consider. He saw sparks in growing streams and a broken spar.