French men dating sites

Posted by / 15-Dec-2017 13:46

) Also, giving the whole “no approaching in public” conundrum, online dating might be one of the better ways to meet people in this city, cutting a bit through the social circles and Arrondissement segmentation.

I know that may sound slightly slutty and slightly bizarre, but this is how French “dating” works.

As you may remember, a week ago I posted a invitation to ASK ME ANYTHING (the offer still stands by the way! I am certain I have said this before, and probably sound like a sad, broken record by now, but what shocked me the most is the lack of traditional, old-school chivalry in this country.

) Some of you guys took me up on this and sent over your questions, a few of which appeared rather similar, or at least interlinked. For example, it is practically unheard of for a man to actually invite you on a proper dinner date, one that entails a reservation and possibly even picking you up in a taxi.

The 9 is good for groomed (rich) hipsters, so is Marais (but they are almost always gay).

For clubs, try Le Silencio and Le Pompon, as well as some of the daytime Sunday parties on the Seine (Rosa Bonheur sur Seine or Sunday Sundae are always good).

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