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Fifth estate death online dating

TORONTO -- A new episode of "The Fifth Estate" takes aim at the internal CBC probe of Jian Ghomeshi, with one "Q" employee saying his faith in the broadcaster has been shaken due to lingering questions about the investigation.CBC's flagship newsmagazine, in a program airing Friday titled "The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi," looks at how CBC management handled allegations of sexual violence against Ghomeshi when he was still host of the popular radio program "Q".

Asked whether his faith in CBC has been shaken, Coulton says yes."He looked into my eyes, he said, you know, that he had done a lot of soul-searching, that he'd gone back in his head of every single relationship he'd ever been inà and he looked into my eyes, and he said I have never crossed any ethical or legal line," Boyce says.During the emergency meeting in July, Boyce did zero in on a reference in Brown's e-mail to behaviour possibly crossing over into the workplace -- and so the internal probe was launched.In an interview with the Canadian Press, Thompson said "Q" employees had to be questioned in a "discreet" manner to avoid libelling Ghomeshi."It's important to note, and paramount to any HR investigation, we can't libel an employee in the process.

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A transcript of the episode hosted by Gillian Findlay reports that almost all known employees who worked for "Q" in the summer -- 17 in total -- say they were not approached or questioned by CBC management as part of the internal probe.