Elizabeth tannen dating odyssey years

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Similar to the Flash Back and Flash Forward, but bound by the specific narrative structure of the Dickens novel.

A Sub-Trope of Whole Plot Reference (so anything less than the plot is merely a Shout-Out).

Expect one of these underlings to be a stand-in for Bob Cratchit.

Bob Cratchit's counterpart is always a sympathetic character who bears the brunt of whatever bad the protagonist dishes out and takes it exceptionally well.

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However, you can reasonably expect him or her to be Inspirationally Disadvantaged, poor, or otherwise so needy that he or she is automatically sympathy bait for the audience.

Whichever way the Tiny Tim is in need, the protagonist is in a position to do something about it, but won't, or else has prevented him or her from receiving assistance, and it it was Scrooge being forced to confront what he had lost, and what the consequences of his current actions are and would be, that awakened the Christmas Spirit within him.

Every television series in the history of the medium that lasts long enough to have an episode aired at Christmas will make use of this boilerplate episode.

The hero or heroine of the series lives through his or her own version of Ebenezer Scrooge's Christmastime visitations from as a well-known story which a series adapts to/parodies with its own characters.

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