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Bestellformular vorlage online dating

- Property from an old an important German private collection, bought in the 1920 s/1930 s - Old inscribed box. 49 cm 8000, /12000, Provenienz: Aus deutschem Privatbesitz, durch Erbschaft an den derzeitigen Besitzer, vermutlich um 2002 vom Grossvater des Besitzers erworben - Wenige rest.- Compare: Bronzes in the Palace Museum (Bowuguan qingtongqi), The Palace Museum, Beijing 1999, no. Bruchstellen A LARGE AMBER-GLAZED STANDING EARTHENWARE HORSE, China, Tang dynasty - Property from a German private collection, bought by the grandfather of the present owner around Few restored breaks 陶馬俑唐代器型較大 馬匹靜止挺立, 低首直立於平臺之上, 鼻孔突出, 張口, 注目凝視, 馬背有帶巾鞍韉 整器身姿健碩, 腿蹄可見筋骨, 前腹可見肌肉綫條 施琥珀黃色釉德國私人收藏, 係繼承遺產而得, 或由其祖父 2002 年左右購得 小處裂紋有修 809 BERNSTEINFARBEN GLASIERTES, GESATTELTES PFERD AUS IRDENWARE MIT RESTEN VON FASSUNG CHINA, Tang-Dynastie H.228, an even taller yan (total height: 61,5 cm) with an undecorated, plain bottom part with four cabriolet legs similar in shape to the present yan, and the separate upper, rectangular steamer part with two décor bands, the upper, broader band with a different décor, but the smaller band below with a comparable, angular, stylized snakedragon design in flat relief, dated to the second half of the Spring and Autumn period ( BC) - Christie s, New York, , lot. 75, a pan of similar shape, but different decoration and a rich decoration on the inside of the vessel, dated to the late Shang dynasty - Izumi-shi Kubosô Kinen Bijutsu-kan: Daisan-ji Kubosô Korekushiyon - Eguchi Jirô Korekushiyon, zuhan-hen, ( The third Kubosou Collection - Eguchi Jirô Collection, Plate Volume - Kubosô Memorial Museum of Art ), Izumi 2001, no. So) 編著 克 藏中國東周青銅 器 III 第 第 號, 其中 5 件較晚期青銅盤 註年代為 元前 8 世紀 - 元前 5 世紀德國 尼 私人收藏 局部有修, 有紅綠斑 銅綠, 局部有 光, 有 綠 蝕, 有 層 晶 6 SELTENE BRONZE HELEBARDE GE China, späte Shang ( ca. - Property from the estate of the German Consul General Heinrich Betz ( ) and his son Erwin Betz (Tianjin Bonn 1982), collected in China prior Enclosed is an old label from the famous antiques shop Jincaiji (T. King), established in the early Republic period of Jin Caibao in Shanghai, continued of his son Jin Congyi in the Canton Street 202. - Compare: Christie s, New York, , lot 1201, three ge -halberds of which two resemble much in shape and particular features, except one with a clan pictogram on the tang and the other with a tatotie mask in intaglio on both sides, formerly in Arthur M. 150, a ding with three reclining felines on the cover realistically modelled in the round, each with a ring in the jaws, the vessel dated late Spring and Autumn period, late 6th- early 5th century BC.908, a bronze pouring water vessel yi with two very similar, angular interlaced and stylized snake-dragons bands in flat relief on both sides of the vessel, dated to the early part of the Spring and Autumn period, 7th cent. - A material analysis is consiting with the dating of this lot 罕見青銅蟠虺紋方甗春秋早期 / 公元前 7 世紀鬲 甑合鑄, 有蹄足四 ; 甑部方口外侈出唇, 有橋形附耳一對, 長方形腹, 飾帶狀簡潔蟠虺紋三週, 平底有箄, 箄上可見直線孔 ; 鬲部有方口, 短束頸, 有橋形附耳一對, 分襠, 鼓腹滿飾蟠虺紋 原或可分可比北京 1999 年版 故宮藏青銅器 第 219 號青銅甗, 圖錄標註年代為春秋早期 ; 或該書第 228 號, 圖錄標註年代為春秋下半期 ; 或比紐約佳士得 2010 年 9 月 16 日拍賣會第 908 號, 圖錄標註年代為春秋早期 / 公元前 7 世紀歐洲私人收藏,1988 年購於盧浮宮古玩市場 (Louvre des Antiquaires)Ghasan Bassali 處,1990 年曾展於荷蘭馬斯特裏赫特藝術博覽會 (TEFAF) 藍象藝術廊展區 有紅綠斑駁銅綠, 有孔雀綠鏽蝕, 有鏽土層結晶 5 804 RITUELLES BRONZEBECKEN FÜR WASSER VOM TYP PAN CHINA, ca. 116, a pan of same shape and decoration arrangement but with different motifs on the outside and the foot ring and the inside of the basin left without decor, dated to later Shang or early Western Zhou dynasty - Jenny F. 1050/1027 ) oder Anfang West Zhou Dynastie (1050/ L. Sackler collection and all dated to late Shang or early Western Zhou dynasty with further reference. 精美銅 春秋末期 / 國初期 約 元前 6 世紀 - 元前 5 世紀 裝於 端 用於 定 的 件 此拍品 狀, 一端外 為沿, 器身有環 ; 有一, 首立雕一虎形瑞獸 另一端有穿 配舊收藏盒, 其上有題籤 國時銅 金 定 並印 印 ( ) 如 圖錄第 814 號收藏盒上 款題字中 金 名與 金 印同時出現, 而此盒上 印 印款題字與 圖錄第 814 號收藏盒上 款題字 類, 由此推 印 或 為 印, 而金 (1904- ) 原或名, 字 金 民國時期上海著名古 商號金 記 (T..Regular Business Hours (except during Sales) Monday Friday 9.00 am 5.00 pm, and by prior appointment. 18,9 cm 15000, /20000, Provenienz: Aus einer alten ostdeutschen Privatsammlung, vor 30 Jahren als Geschenk aus einer alten Berliner Privatsammlung an den derzeitigen Besitzer erhalten - Minim. korrodiert A RARE AND FINE ARCHAIC RITUAL BRONZE TRIPOD FOOD VESSEL, LI-DING (li-ding,?? 118, another li-ding (h.: 17,2 cm), very similar and like the other quoted comparable vessels only with very minor variations in form, size and design, dated to early Western Zhou period, 11th C. 24,7 cm 4000, /6000, Provenienz: Privatbesitz, Süddeutschland - Part. Two small holes on the upper part of the side respectively below the flared rim, otherwise good condition; h (with handle).: 11.6 cm, diam. - Property from a South German private collection - Compare: Sotheby s, New York, , lot 278, a comparable gui vessel regarding the shape and proportions and the arrangement of the two friezes décor, dated to late Shang / early Western Zhou dynasty with a interesting reference concerning the importance and the particular popularity of this ritual food vessel gui during the Western Zhou dynasty, see Ch en Fang-mei, Kuei-type Bronze Vessels of the Shang and Chou Dynasties and Their Relationship with other Types of Grain Vessels, catalogue to the Special Exhibition of Grain Vessels of the Shang and Chou Dynasties, Taipei 1985, pp Christie s, New York, , a smaller gui vessel with very similar friezes, one narrow band below the everted rim with two small relief-cast animal masks in the centre, each equally framed by two pairs of confronting kui dragons, the other on the foot with four similar taotie masks, however, the belly is also decorated with four elaborate taotie masks, dated Shang dynasty, 12th C. 34 cm 40000, /60000, Provenienz: Aus einer europäischen Priavtsammlung - Ghasan Bassali, Louvre des Antiquaires, Ausstellung Maastricht TEFAF 1990 bei Blue Elephant - Etwas korrodiert, eine Materialanalyse unterstützt die Datierung A RARE AND IMPRESSIVE ARCHAIC RITUAL BRONZE VESSEL FOR PREPARING FOOD YAN, China, early Spring and Autumn Period (Chunqiu, ), 7th cent.Collection of items Monday Friday 9.00 am 4.30 pm only. ), China, late Shang to early Western Zhou Dynasty, 12th-10th C. BC and with several further references 精美罕見青銅 商朝晚期 / 西周早期三 足, 雙立 耳, 口, 分, 色深 ; 器腹滿飾 紋地獸面紋 ( 即後世所 紋 ), 獸 且中有棱, 獸面兩側 以 紋地 紋, 近口處有帶狀分區式雙 紋一週可比紐約蘇富比 2013 年 9 月 17/18 日拍賣會第 18 號 紋青銅, 註年代為商朝晚期 / 西周早期 元前 12 世紀 - 元前 11 世紀, 或比其 2010 年 9 月 15 日拍賣會第 270 號青銅, 註年代為商朝晚期 ; 或比紐約佳士得 2009 年 3 月 18 日拍賣會第 205 號, 原 克 (Sackler) 藏青銅 且錄 1987 年版 A. Bagley 著 克 藏中國商朝青銅 器 (Shang Ritual Bronzes in the Arthur. korrodiert, kleine Gusslöcher AN ARCHAIC RITUAL BRONZE GRAIN VESSEL, GUI, CHINA, end of Shang (16. BC - Bronzes in the Palace Museum (Gugong qingtongqi), The Palace Museum, Beijing 1999, no. BC, the very heavy steamer, standing on four sturdy cabriolet legs, is evenly decorated on the bottom part with an intricate, dense pattern of interlaced, angular and very stylized, small snake-dragons in relief, covering the surface except the cabriolet legs, and on the four sides of the rectangular upper part are three bands, from bottom to top, with angular, interlaced snake-dragon motifs on the plain background in quite broad relief bands, same is for the second band, which is a bit less crowded organized, and the third, even more open spaced arranged, broad décor band with alternating upside down, slightly diagonally depicted snake-dragons, each looking back. 7 Richterbenennung Hauptvereinsveranstaltungen 2018 Stand: Seite 1 von 2 Richterbenennung Hauptvereinsveranstaltungen 2018 (vorbehaltlich der Zustimmung der nominierten Richter) Deutsche Jugend- und ... Auf den folgenden Seiten stellen wir Ihnen unser pädagogisches Konzept für die 5. DIN EN ISO 4704-06 2 Die Europäische Norm EN ISO 4704 hat den Status einer Deutschen Norm.

8 Klassen | Ave Maria Basisschool Vlezenbeek ma | Iedereen: start aanmeldi... Klassen, das Ganztagsangebot, den Fremdsprachenbereich, das Kulturkonzept und 12 Heilpädagogische Vereinigung Gossau Jahresbericht … Nationales Vorwort Diese Norm ist identisch mit der ...

King) 人金 寶之子, 接手 後其 1934 年在上海廣東 202 號 金 記,1949 年後 至香港 (1880- ) 字 華, 光緒二十九年 (1903) 人, 後 國 學, 南 人之一,1929 年 國立 大學 長尺寸 器形與釉色皆可比北京 2008 年版 中國出 瓷器全集 5 山西 第 167 號, 註年代為金國時期 / 元代 /13 世紀德國名家私人古舊收藏, 其藏品購於 20 世紀二 三十年代 器緣有使用金漆的舊修痕跡 815 JIZHOU-SCHALE MIT GEFLECKTER TORTOISESHELL-GLASUR CHINA, Song-Dynastie D.

10,8 cm 1000, /1500, Provenienz: Ehemals aus einer süddeutschen Privatsammlung - Gut erhalten A JIZHOU TORTOISESHELL -GLAZED BOWL, China, Southern Song dynasty ( ), the bowl has conical sides rising from the knifepared foot to the finger-grooved rim, and is covered inside and out with a dark brown glaze liberally splashed with a translucent yellowbrown glaze in imitation of mottled tortoiseshell, the glaze stopping just short of the foot to expose the light grey stoneware - Provenance: Former South German private collection - Compare a similar bowl: Robert D.

11,3 cm 1500, /2000, Provenienz: Aus einer europäischen Privatsammlung - Kleine Bestoßungen A RARE QINGBAI FIGURE OF A MOTHER AND CHILD, China, Song/Yuan dynasty - Property from an European private collection - Cf.

with an similar Qingbai seated child excavated from Tomb No.14 at Doufuchi alley, Gulou Street, Beijing, now in the Capital Museum, illustrated in Zhang Bai, Zhongguo chutu ciqi quanji 1: Beijing, 2008, pl.82 - Very slightly chipped 罕見青白釉哺乳母子像宋代 / 元代可比現藏首都博物館 北京鼓樓後街豆腐池胡同 14 號墓出土的一元代青白釉童子瓷塑, 錄入北京 2008 年版張柏主編 中國出土瓷器全集 圖版 82 歐洲私人收藏 小處有磕蹭痕跡 812 IRDENWARE-MODELL EINER STEHENDEN ENTE, SANCAI -FARBEN GLASIERT CHINA, Tang-Dynastie H. A RARE SANCAI-GLAZED EARTHENWARE MODEL OF A STANDING DUCK, China, Tang dynasty - Former old German private collection - A TL-Analysis of Oxford Research Ltd.

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240, a pou vessel with two felines, probably tigers, standing on the shoulder, dated to the later Chunqiu period ( BC), 6th - 5th C. 51 cm 8000, /12000, Provenienz: Aus einer alten deutschen Privatsammlung, vom Vater der Besitzer im vergangenen Jahrhundert erworben - Bis auf kleine Bestoßungen schön erhalten AN AMBER-GLAZED EARTHENWARE MODEL OF A STANDING HORSE, China, Tang dynasty - Property from an old German private collection, bought by the father of the present owners in the last century - Slightly chipped, good condition 陶馬俑唐代器型較大 馬匹直立於平臺之上, 鼻孔突出, 口未張, 注目凝視前方, 馬背有帶巾鞍韉, 馬首有轡頭 整器身形健碩, 腿蹄可見筋骨 施琥珀黃色釉, 有加彩殘留德國私人古舊收藏, 由現藏家之父購於 20 世紀 保存良好, 小處有磕蹭痕跡 810 PAAR QINGBAI-FIGUREN VON STEHENDEN MÄNNERN, EISENBRAUN GEFLECKT CHINA, Nördliche Song-Dynastie H.

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  2. - Property from an old an important German private collection, bought in the 1920 s/1930 s - Old inscribed box. 49 cm 8000, /12000, Provenienz: Aus deutschem Privatbesitz, durch Erbschaft an den derzeitigen Besitzer, vermutlich um 2002 vom Grossvater des Besitzers erworben - Wenige rest.